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The decision of whether to outsource back office operations or maintain them in-house is a perpetual dilemma facing alternative investment CFO’s, with each model presenting well-established pros and cons.  This paper presents an alternative approach – “reverse outsourcing” – observed at some firms which has seen some success in retaining the pros and mitigating the cons.


  • Reverse outsourcing: what is it?
  • Comparing the models across four dimensions of back office success


It’s clear that process improvements to the back office can save a fund manager time and money, but can it also provide an engine for growth? Developing efficiencies in how information is captured, processed and communicated – across deal teams, investor relations and accounting – creates opportunities for GPs to expand their offerings in the investor community. At the same time, LPs are taking a hard look at how funds are managing their businesses – across security, client reporting and risk management.


  • Managing increasingly complex fund structures
  • Facilitating reporting to both investors and regulators
  • Minimizing security threats with proper information governance
  • Optimizing information flow across the entire organization


Cloud computing – or simply, “the cloud” – is in fact a term that has been recently popularized to characterize a set of technological advances originated with the earliest forms of computing decades ago. These advances, collectively, encompass the on-demand provisioning of shared, independently located computing resources including networks, servers, storage, applications, and services to end users.


  • The Cloud: An Overview
  • The Challenge for Alternative Investments
  • The Case for the Cloud
  • To Move or Not to Move


Smart People + Small Mistakes = Big Losses
Spreadsheets have played a major role in the technological and financial innovation in recent years. However, a growing number of errors stemming from reliance on spreadsheets have caused severe financial losses. With private equity’s increasing importance to the financial sector, this whitepaper looks at the nature of the risks posed by the continued prevalence of spreadsheet-based processes at private equity firms.


  • The spreadsheet error that changed history
  • Spreadsheet-based processes in private equity