AltaReturn whitepaper: Adding Value and Winning the West

"As more capital pours into the East, though, the dynamics of investment, value creation and exit opportunities will present APAC-based GPs with new challenges in the face of a global economy that is slowing down.  It is this middle leg of alpha potential, a GPs ability to improve the performance of their portfolio companies, where fund managers can make the biggest difference on the road to exit. "

That's the conclusion of our latest whitepaper: Adding Value and Winning the West: Opportunities for APAC Fund Managers (pdf download).   The APAC region is receiving a tremendous amount of interest from Western LPs as they look to further diversify their PE holdings.  With a plethora of under-managed companies in the region, APAC-based GPs have a substantial opportunity set to add value on the way to exit.  How they go about it, though, will require a new set of tools and processes that drives efficiency between management company and sponsor. Read further to see how a dedicated portfolio monitoring platform can significantly help GPs manage their underlying holdings while demonstrating to Western LPs an institutional operating structure that can help them in their fundraising efforts.

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