Fund Accounting

AltaReturn’s Fund Accounting Solution provides the operational efficiency and seamless control that allows accounting and finance teams to manage their daily activities with ease.


  • Standard business process workflows
  • Management of complex fund and investment structures
  • Full multi-currency general ledger
  • Partner transfer and subsequent close automation
  • Maintenance of allocated accounts by investor
  • Out of the box financial statements
  • Native Microsoft Office integration
  • Broad asset class support
  • Cash & bank account management
  • Check writing and vendor management


AltaReturn Fund Accounting is the complete back office solution for your firm. It delivers immediate, real-time analysis by any metric pertinent to your business.

Business Process Workflows guide the user through the process of entering any type of transaction in a consistent and auditable fashion. Built-in drill through reporting provides instant access to the details you need to better understand your financial results.

Every aspect of your fund or investment structure can be captured, managed and monitored. Seamless integration with our Business Intelligence solution means everything from standard operational reports to full financials can be produced with minimal effort.

Functions by client focus

  • Fund accounting
  • General partner accounting
  • Management company accounting
  • Document management
  • ILPA standard reports
  • Consolidation Reporting
  • Gross and Net IRR Calculations
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Drill-through Financials
  • Partnership accounting
  • General partner accounting
  • Management company accounting
  • Capitalization structure setup and maintenance
  • Standard debt interest calculations
  • Automated security conversion process
  • Check writing and bank reconciliation
  • Document management
  • Gross and net IRR calculations
  • ILPA standard reports
  • Inter-family member loan tracking
  • Portfolio fair value & tax reporting
  • Standard bond and derivative calculations
  • Beneficiary exposure reporting
  • Security lot based accounting
  • Check writing & bank reconciliation
  • Document management
  • Portfolio fair value & tax reporting
  • Partnership accounting
  • Multiple asset class tracking
  • Underlying portfolio company level data
  • Estimated/final valuation workflows
  • Underlying investment equity pickup
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Percentage ownership calculations of holdings
  • ILPA standard reports
  • Partnership accounting
  • Management company
  • General partner
  • Classification of fees and expenses according to INREV guidelines
  • Standard debt interest calculations
  • Management of multi-tiered investment structures
  • Full General Ledger functionality
  • Flexible workflows
  • Comprehensive audit capability
  • Consolidation
  • Native Microsoft Office integration
  • Lot based accounting
  • Full bank account management including check writing, reconciliation and interfacing
  • Custody & certificate reconciliation
  • Management of complex fund & investment structures

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