PEI Investor Relations Conference – Highlights

I had the pleasure of attending the PEI Investor Relations conference in NY a few weeks ago. It’s always a great event with many lively conversations across the various panels.  The dialogue around the use of technology for IR professionals was particularly insightful (as I work for a PE technology provider, this should come as no surprise!)

I’ve recapped some of the more salient points that were discussed here:

  • CRMs need to be flexible. Ideally, implement one CRM system across the firm with the ability to customize for IR and the deal team(pipeline management)  given different needs.  ‘Off the shelf” CRMs do NOT work.
  • Always interested to hear what LPs use ie: Investor Portals….which ones do they like, easy to navigate…etc.
  • “Anything is better than Excel...even if we don’t know what it is!”
  • Establishing a ‘single source of truth’ is a good practice to avoid redundancies and errors
  • Having mobile apps is a priority given the amount of time IR is on the road
  • Having immediate access to data is important so as to always have an answer for the LP. At the same time, quartile rankings are becoming less important than explaining how the manager is adding value.

At the end of the day, it has become crystal clear how important technology has become to today’s IR professional.  With LP’s expecting immediate answers to their questions, having the right technology in place has moved way beyond a ‘nice to have’.

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